Compudyne's Latest Update on COVID-19

Compudyne continues to monitor the COVID-19 developments regularly. During this challenging time, we are following our business continuity plan, with a focus on protecting the health and well-being of our colleagues while providing the best possible level of service to our clients. We are here to support you.
Stay at Home Orders:
Numerous states have issued executive orders for a Stay at Home policy, with other states likely to enact similar orders in the coming days. 
Compudyne is designated as a critical infrastructure business, as we provide two essential infrastructure sectors – Telecommunication and Information Technology, both allowing organizations and their employees to work remotely and operate their business. Based on this designation, our offices continue to remain open and functional in support of our clients.

COVID-19 and Compudyne 

1. What measures is Compudyne taking to protect employees and other stakeholders (e.g., vendors, customers, etc.) during this time?
Compudyne continues to monitor COVID-19 developments with a primary focus on the health and safety of our colleagues while mitigating business impacts for our clients.
In support of this, we are convening regular virtual meetings with teams across the business. In turn, we are following heightened infectious disease guidelines at all facilities. For our colleagues, we have implemented increased health precautions, including:

  • Suspending all business travel and face-to-face meetings
  • Requiring most employees to work from home
  • Suspending visitor access to our facilities
  • Disseminating information and training internally put out by the CDC and other health organizations about the virus and how to prevent the spread
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing routines of all Compudyne facilities and equipment

For our channel partners, we are making efforts to mitigate service disruptions, including working with our vendors to have adequate supply to accommodate potential disruptions.

2. What measures will Compudyne take if someone is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 at one of the company’s facilities?
The health and safety of our colleagues and clients is always the top priority. Compudyne’s business continuity team will work closely with the government health service and local medical personnel to take appropriate action and ensure we are taking every necessary step to ensure business continuity in a safe, appropriate manner. Decisions and actions will be communicated in a timely manner with relevant stakeholders.

3. Does Compudyne have a work-from-home policy in place due to COVID-19?
Yes. We have implemented a remote first work from home policy effective immediately, for non-designated employees.  Designated critical infrastructure employees will also follow this policy unless travel is required to ensure connectivity for clients specified as essential infrastructure.

4. How is Compudyne ensuring it has the necessary inventory, equipment, and supplies to fill customer orders?
We are working closely with our vendors to understand where supply chain issues may arise and how best to mitigate these risks. Specific actions include:

  • Working with our vendors to order an adequate supply to accommodate potential disruption
  • Monitoring vendor backlogs, shipment and delivery acknowledgment dates

We encourage customers to work closely with their Compudyne sales representative to provide information about anticipated product needs. While this is a fluid situation, we are making efforts to mitigate service disruptions to our channel partners.

5. Our business is implementing a work from home policy for the first time, what recommendations does Compudyne have?
Working from home is uncharted territory for many businesses, especially to this degree. We are happy to provide recommendations to ensure that you and your organization are set to work from home and operate business securely and efficiently in a remote setting. Please reach out to your Compudyne representative for assistance.

6. Is Compudyne canceling its workshops and events?
Yes. We have canceled all on-site events, gatherings, and meetings, and have suspended visitor access at all Compudyne facilities.  Events that are scheduled several months out will continue to be evaluated based on the evolving situation. Updates surrounding these events will be communicated appropriately.

Compudyne will continue to monitor all potential risks for both clients and staff and will release any updates here and via email as needed.

The safety and support of our employees, clients, families, and communities are always our top priority.  Relationships are at the center of everything that we do, especially at times like this. We value our clients and are here to support you in any way that we can. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this rapidly changing unprecedented time.