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Even before the pandemic, the business world was starting to embrace the benefits of a remote workforce. Over the course of the last year organizations have had to shift how they do business. While many can’t wait to get back to the office, organizations are finding the remote work from home model works well for them and their employees. With increased productivity and a stronger work/life balance


(There’s always a “but,” isn’t there?) Remote work also comes with different challenges. What does the new reality of around-the-clock operations really mean for your business? For IT, it means added layers of complexity surrounding security, networks and connectivity.


Over the past year, the IT industry has risen to the occasion, and remote IT solutions fit perfectly into revised strategic plans.


We’ve shifted and adapted to keep the business world turning. At Compudyne, we’ve helped clients develop work-from-home strategies with unique customizations to meet our clients’ needs.


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Engaging a remote IT team from Compudyne means your business receives a completely remote and fully dedicated team of IT experts ready to support your team. Compudyne EDGE Remote delivers a suite of reactive system maintenance and end-user support services, plus the technical expertise to ensure everything is working for your business.



Modern IT environments require constant evaluation. Compudyne EDGE Remote offers proactive monitoring, automation and patching tools that ensure our clients’ networks are secure. It’s true. The best offense is a strong defense. Our team streamlines operations and keeps businesses ahead of the game by avoiding costly downtime or fees associated with quick-turnaround break-fix solutions.



Do you have the technology you need to operate your business successfully? Could things be running more smoothly? Can your teams connect and collaborate easily? With EDGE Remote, you are assigned a dedicated resource from our Strategic Services team to help meet and exceed expectations. They serve as your dedicated r We want to make sure your tech is current, your support tickets are addressed promptly and effectively, your network is protected and your teams have what they need to get the job done efficiently.


All-Inclusive Remote Support During Business Hours

EDGE Remote is a great fit for any strategic organization without IT staff – especially those that are embracing work from home strategies or have multiple office locations.


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