Firewalls - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

"I love working on my firewall." 

- No one ever

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Security is essential in today’s business world. There are attacks from the outside via known threats, phishing scams, network hacks, etc. However, your employees are just as big of a risk when they make bad password choices, visit bogus sites or open links they shouldn’t. The security risks can go on and on. The need to protect your business has never been more critical. The best way to be secure is to install and maintain a firewall. It’s a great tool, but it can also be a giant pain in the ass to maintain.

No Pressure…

Ideally, a good firewall will stop the threat before you even know about it. No damage done. When managing IT security, you must keep an eye on everything that is going on. Any change to the firewall can negatively affect the network and the security. Changes to the firewall are frequent, because threats are constantly changing – which is where problems can arise. There are people in their basements who create threats all day long. Some want your money, or confidential information about your clients. Some want to mess with you for fun, just to see if they can. The way threats are created and delivered is constantly changing. So, you can see how a business needs to keep tabs on everything, otherwise network security is at risk. Consistently updating firewall rulesets and keeping up with policies and regulations is a daunting task. If you do something wrong, you risk leaving your business open to an attack. A simple missed rule, an inadvertent back door left open, or not configuring VPNs correctly could cost you serious time and money.  

Fixing the Pain

A firewall constantly needs updates with new information to ensure network security. Luckily, there is a different, and easy, way to do it. At Compudyne, we will install, maintain and monitor your firewall for your business with our Next Generation Firewall Service. You don’t have to touch your firewall, we take care of everything. You can have confidence in your network security at all times. Compudyne provides advanced threat protection, intrusion protection services, application control, data leak scanning, anti-virus, malware, spam-filters and many more services. Next Generation Firewall Service provides a thick layer of defense against a broad array of network-based attacks.  

Prove It

A really fun part of network security is proving that it’s working. In the event of an audit, or a question from management, how easy would it be for you to pull documentation to prove your firewall is working, and your network is safe? Do you, or your team have the documentation immediately available? With Compudyne Next Generation Firewall Service, you receive reports on the activity of your firewall, providing the value of the service. The reporting information is extensive and quickly at your fingertips. You will be amazed at how many threats our service has blocked before you even thought about looking. Auditing is easier, compliance is easier and peace of mind is present.

You simply cannot run a business network without a firewall in place. You may as well open up your bank account, give your clients’ secure information away and put a big bullseye on your office door. If you really like working on your firewall, great, keep up the good work! But chances are, you don’t. It can be intimidating and it’s a lot of pressure that everything will be secure every day. Compudyne provides the expertise to ensure the job is done, and it’s done right – and we back up our promise with documentation and reports. Give us a call, we can remove the uncertainty of network security from your business plan.

Kris Garvey is a Sales Consultant at Compudyne, Inc. in St. Paul, MN.  She can be reached at or 651-203-9300 ext. 645