On Premise vs. Cloud Solutions - How do they Compare?

On Premise vs. Cloud Solutions - How do they stack up?

Business owners across many industries find themselves inundated with information about moving to the cloud. Technology service providers waste no time in explaining the benefits of moving your technology to the cloud – it’s expensive to maintain an on premise infrastructure, keeping up with changing technology trends is a full-time job in and of itself, the cloud offers reliability and security, and many more.

Is moving to the cloud right for your business? Should you invest in a cloud solution or keep your IT infrastructure on premise, where it’s always been? This has been an ongoing debate and the answers are different for each business. There are many factors to consider, like the technical and financial resources available and regulatory requirements specific to your industry.

Moving to the cloud is a smart solution for many businesses. Still, we often hear concerns surrounding how a move to the cloud will impact a business. How do on premise vs. cloud solutions really stack up?

Clearing Up Common Concerns: On Premise vs. Cloud Solutions

  1. Protecting Your Investment in Technology
    As your business competes in today’s tech-forward market, you’ve likely already made significant investments in technology. Many business owners are concerned with wasting their investments and losing access to the programs and data they need for daily operations. Rest assured, with the right IT solutions provider, you’ll be able to create a plan to migrate legacy technology to a cloud solution that provides enhanced privacy, security, and availability.

  2. Retaining Your IT Team
    You’re probably also wondering what happens to your IT team if you decide to move away from on premise infrastructure to a cloud-based solution. You’re not interested in laying off great team members – and you shouldn’t have to change your team at all. In fact, moving your infrastructure to the cloud will make your IT team’s job easier. Cloud solutions eliminate the risk of managing physical hardware in a space that isn’t designed specifically for technology infrastructure, giving your team more time and capacity to focus on managing the environment and keeping your business running smoothly.

  3. Ensuring Data Security
    Data is your business' most valuable asset and should be treated that way. Your data needs to remain confidential and highly available while maintaining integrity and ensuring the sustainability of your business. Securing your data in a reliable, redundant and accessible cloud environment is a fundamental step to getting there. Compudyne’s first-rate data centers are fortified with robust, multi-layer security processes and procedures to ensure your data is safe.  

  4. Meeting Industry Compliance Standards
    Industry regulatory forces put pressure on businesses to implement many layers of security. Moving your technology to Compudyne’s data centers promises peace of mind. We’re committed to ensuring Service Organization Controls (SOC) are met with a SOC2 that helps check the boxes for industry audits. These are the reporting controls that are difficult to meet while having your server environment on premises; as they relate to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy to a system. In our data centers, the stresses surrounding these are highly mitigated during our industry audits.

  5. Managing Technology Costs Wisely
    High-end performance is a must in today’s cloud computing environments; moving to the cloud sometimes sounds expensive and complicated. The reality is, a solid cloud solution almost always ends up cutting costs. You’ll decrease capital expenses because you won’t need to purchase, update or maintain equipment. You’ll also eliminate maintenance costs like cooling and power. Additionally, a fixed monthly bill means you won’t be surprised with unexpected expenses.

    Hardware can be expensive to maintain and will need to be replaced frequently. The same applies with server hardware as today’s resource intensive services and business applications require new and high-performing processing and storage. The costs to replace on premise technology can add up fast. At Compudyne, it’s our job to keep up with technology trends. That’s why we’re always provisioning the latest and greatest high-performing technologies to ensure the best and most secure experience for our customers.

Moving to a cloud-based solution can streamline operations, decrease capital costs and help your business access the full potential of today’s technology. For a closer look at the different solutions available to you, download our On Premise vs. Cloud Solutions Comparison.

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