Top 5 Benefits of VoIP

Cloud Voice

here's no shortage of ways to communicate - but sometimes, a quick phone call can resolve an issue faster than an email or chat. 

Compudyne's Cloud Voice is a hosted, cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, offering a seamless, geo-redundant solution to eliminate downtime, dropped calls or interrupted communications. 


Here are the top 5 benefits to switching to a VoIP telephone system:

1. Simplified Billing and Support

Time is money. 

With Compudyne's Cloud Voice solution, you can expect the same bill every month for your VoIP services - making it easier to budget around our all-inclusive model. Not only that, but your Cloud Voice service will be managed and supported by Compudyne's team of experts that is readily available to address any questions, troubleshoot issues as they arise, and ensure your business has guaranteed voice quality from end to end. 

Having one phone number to call for all of your IT needs is truly make makes Compudyne different from other VoIP competitors. From the Network to the Cloud, we are here to be your partner in IT to support all of your business's technology needs. 

2. Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime 

With the shift to remote work, we have moved from sitting in an office with a stationed desk phone to working from a home office. Compudyne's Cloud Voice solution offers a mobile application that allows for end-users to turn their desk phone, laptop, tablet and smartphone into their mobile office. Allowing for 24/7 access anywhere they have an internet connection. 

Remote work isn't going away anytime soon, and with so many businesses on the go, VoIP services can offer a huge benefit to you because of the ability to follow you wherever you go. If you have a decent data connection, you can make and receive calls for your business. And when you're unable to answer the call, you can direct calls to another person or get voicemails emailed to you. 

3. Geo-Redundant Reliability

Reliability is essential to keep your business running smoothly. Compudyne's Cloud Voice solution offers a seamless, geo-redundant solution. Located in three Compudyne trusted datacenters across the United States, Cloud Voice offers 99.99% uptime - with an exact live copy of your configuration across locations - with phone connections available and functioning when you need them the most. 

4. Custom Packages to Fit Your Needs 

Customizable service packages ensure your organization can access the features your business needs. Additional add-on services include e911, conference bridge, call recording, CRM integration, voicemail transcription, additional DID and an option to include a toll-free number.


5. Streamline you IT, Increase Productivity 

It’s critical that your team is utilizing all of the features available to them to increase their productivity and maximize your organizations investment. We will work with your organization to do just that, partnering with you to drive your business forward. 

In addition to that, the hardware costs associated are virtually non-existentOur cloud-based solution is always update to date, with updates included within the platform. Another thing to take off your plate, so things just work, and you can focus on what you do best – operating your business.  


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